Review: Tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

tippmann X7 Phenom Marker

The Phenom, upgraded.

The Tippman X7 Phenom is an upgraded version of the old Tippman Phenom. While you may think that it isn’t all that great, the good thing about this model, and most Tippmann models is that they make their older accessories still compatible with their newer models, and on top of that give you more upgrades to choose from.

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The upgrade that makes the Tippmann X7 Phenom different from the old Tippman Phenom model and some other models is the FlexValve system. What the FlexValve system does it that it basically improves air efficiency – meaning that you can get more shots out of each tank for the same amount of air compared to a marker without Flexvalve technology. As Tippman claims, the new Flexvalve technology allows for over 1400 shots from a single 68 cubic inch capacity tank at 4500 psi.

Another very notable upgrade is the Spool Valve Design. What this does is that it lowers the recoil by a very significant margin. This is especially useful for both beginners and veterans alike. When playing in a woodsball match, the recoil can affect accuracy and consistency over longer distances so this is a great feature.

Keep in mind that the Tippman X7 Phenom is also an electro-pneumatic marker, so that means the normal fire modes are available, plus several others that are programmable. The nine fire mods available are as follows, the semi auto, single shot per trigger, safe burst mode, safe full auto mode, auto response mode, turbo, burst, full auto mode, X mode, and Super response mode.

Bringing the heat

Being an electro-pneumatic marker with that many firing modes and fire rate capability, combined with the various amounts of modifications and upgrades, both cosmetic and technical – you’ll blow away the opposition. With a fire rate capability on full auto of up to 25 balls per second, if you play woodsball, you’ll know that’s more than enough.

Speedball is playable with this marker, although we would say it is better at woodsball. Why? The durability of the frame construction and design, along with the barrel upgrades make it more suited to woodsball, especially mil-sim or military simulation matches. Although the fire rate is great, and fire modes are extremely flexible, in terms of raw firepower, there are multiple other brands and models that offer much higher fire rates at balls per second, although more expensive. Also, the construction of the marker makes it heavy, albeit hardy.

The turbo mode and full auto mode are extremely handy, especially when you want to bring the heat down on the opposing team for supressing fire. Turbo lets you sling your paint at 15 balls per second, that’s a sizeable amount. But if you feel, that’s still not enough paint being hurled at your opponents, go all out on full auto at up to 30 balls per second.

If you prefer large fire rates but also a degree of control, why not X-mode and Super response mode. These two modes are especially interesting for beginners switching from a mechanical marker, and especially handy during a prolonged medium to long range paintball slinging match when both teams have good cover. What X-mode does it that it increases the fire mode on full auto from the start gradually to the maximum balls per second the longer the trigger is held down.

Super response mode is custom – it provides X number of shots per each trigger pull, X being from the range of 2 shots to 8 shots. This is great for short bursts when you peek out of cover to spray an opposing team or a target.

Upgrade your Phenom X7!

The Tippman Phenom X7 has a wealth of upgrades, as mentioned earlier and here are a few must haves and options available.

The Flatline Barrel system. Commonly found in other Tippman models, the Flatline barrel system helps to improve accuracy by a lot – almost 100 feet. In woodsball, that’s very much needed since range and accuracy from cover is always great. Especially if you’re into military simulation and decide to be a sniper of sorts, this upgrade will be worth your dollar thrice over in playing value.

Cyclone feed hopper replacement – while this upgrade is’nt exactly needed immediately or upon purchase of a new Tippmann Phenom X7 buy-now-1, it is highly recommended as the stock parts tend to wear out quite quickly if you play regularly.

Apart from the above, stocks are also a good upgrade or add-on for those who like to run around, and mil-sim, and also barrel shrouds for an added bad ass look. Scopes, some people like them, some don’t, but are worth looking into if you like to hit your targets from a distance.

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