Review: Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun


Fire flexibility

The Tippman A5 is another classic model espousing the Tippmann reputation and design philosophy – Durability, cost effectiveness, and upgradability.

The Tippman A5 comes with a cyclone feed system in its hopper, giving it a better fire capability over other mechanical pneumatic type markers out there in the market of up to 15 balls per second.

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A multitude of accessories are available to the Tippman A5, from the flatline barrel to increase accuracy, to the E-Grip conversion and response trigger kit. All this doesn’t come very cheap, but after upgrades; it still has a better fire capability and accuracy for a fraction of the cost of a brand new electro pneumatic marker. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, however with its durable but light aluminium body construction; we doubt you’ll be needing it anytime soon, whether you play woodsball or speedball.

Change the way you shoot

The Tippman A-5, like its counterpart the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Pro, features the flexibility of a marker that few others can rival. The list of parts that are compatible with the marker are almost endless.

Cosmetic changes for the Tippman A5 are varied, and can range from minor changes like the colour, to the entire body job, and conversion of to look like an Heckler & Koch Mp5 are especially popular. This can be attributed to the structure of the body design, and military simulation purists and enthusiasts can have a field day modding and stripping the marker to look very similar to what they need.

The Flatline barrel system is another upgrade or add-on that a lot of players both veteran and new to the Tippman A5 and the sport recommend and use. Why though? For the simple reason of accuracy. Like all other markers, most stock barrels will not offer great accuracy, and the Flatline barrel system changes that almost completely.

How it works is that it adds a curve to the traditional barrel design, making it slightly curved along with a roughly honed surface at certain points within the barrel. What this does is that it creates topspin on the ball, giving it greater accuracy and consistency over a longer range. Although some players may feel that the barrel is still not as accurate, due to the different ways in which each paintball is spun, the flatline barrel system is easier to remove and clean in this model compared to when used in other Tippman models.

With a 100 feet range increase capability from the Flatline barrel system, it upgrades the fire role capabilities of the Tippman A5, and makes it great for woodsball, although speedball requires a different kind of upgrade. However, a point to note is that the lack of porting makes it quite loud, so if you are trying to be stealthy, that’s not going to work very well.

The next upgrade likely needed and recommended is the E-grip system. What it does is that it basically increases the rate of fire, and seeing that the Tippman A5 is primarily a mechanical pneumatic marker, the rate of fire is naturally low. As such, this conversion makes it much more tolerable and feasible for use in speedball rental fields and scenarios.

There is an older E-grip system sold by Tippman, however it is getting rare and harder to acquire and purchase. The newer version is manufactured by Wicked Air Sports or W.A.S for short, and is much easier to programme for firing modes and is currently installed on all Tippman A5s that have been ordered fresh with the E-grip package.

There are several firing modes available with this upgrade, the semi-auto, three shot ramping, three shot full auto, auto response and turbo. Three shot ramping and three shot full auto require at least three trigger pulls in semi-auto mode to activate, and this makes the trigger then allowed at certain paintball fields and competitions due to fire rate restrictions. The maximum fire rate is 30 balls per second and that’s not bad, considering the price range for the marker and upgrade, it gives great value, compared to several other ‘branded’ new electro-pneumatic markers.

Heavy Duty Durability

The Tippman A5 buy-now-1 is made out of solid cast aluminium. That really makes it tough and durable, as it also has a high impact shock absorbing endcap. Not is just the body tough, most of the parts are simple to clean, strip and maintain with practice. Although you should take the claim that you can strip the marker down in 60 seconds, you could do it in a longer time but still substantially short enough to be called fast.

A few exceptions are the cyclone feed system and the response trigger kit if installed, as both have lines that go along the receiver and can be caught up and entangled if not careful.

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