Review: Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Paintball Marker


Known for its durability and reliability, the ETEK line of paintball markers by Planet Eclipse is still the number one choice for paintball players of every level. With a recent addition of its 5th paintball marker, the manufacturer has hit the market with the ETEK 5 which doesn’t disappoint at all. While staying true to the same basic principles that Planet Eclipse is known for, the newest paintball marker brings something new in the playing field.

Believe it or not, there was once a time when the ETEK line was not doing so well in the market particularly with the advent of its greatest rival, the Empire Axe. It beat the ETEK and took the title of the most affordable and reliable mid level marker ever. The only drawbacks which the previous ETEK’s had? The gun was very loud and not made for handling fragile paint.

Then ETEK 5 emerged in the market.

An All New Design in a Classic Package

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Seeing the gun from a distance, one might confuse it with previous designs from Planet Eclipse, in fact the very distant past one couldn’t easily differentiate one model from another. So, it was a definite improvement when the paintball gun manufacturer decided to take a giant leap when it comes to design.

Borrowing some features and ergonomics of high class paintball markers of the past, the ETEK 5 has everything of the very best designs and features that are particularly hard to find in a mid-range paintball marker.


Providing an extremely stable and comfortable shooting platform, the ETEK 5 performs with outstanding consistency due to its LPR assembly integration and a SL4 inline regulator. In addition to that, a never-seen-before dual density wrap around the grips and fore-grip not only plays the style, but due to the latest stippled inserts attached, provides the user a level of superb grip and control, in any playing conditions.

Performance of the ETEK 5

Like most other creations of the ETEK line, this one also has pinpoint accuracy and has the ability of shooting almost naturally whatever the condition. Whether snap-shooting or running and gunning, you will not be in want of a secondary paintball marker with having this beauty along for the ride.

Internally, the paintball marker comes equipped with a Zick3 technology feature, which gives the gun a very gentle first acceleration of the ball and bolt, which then turns into a super fast rate, meaning balls are fired at double the speed. This helps in reducing recoil from the paintball gun while being gentler with the paint balls.

Another appealing feature of the ETEK 5 and one which separates the paintball gun from past models is that the new ETEK performs and operates at far lower pressures thanks to the much larger and high flow valve chamber attached with a soft tip Cure5 bolt which delivers pressure of around 150 psi and 85 psi of LPR pressure. The all new feature results in providing a much quieter and smoother shot, as well as being a little bit gentler on the paint balls in the barrel and breech.

The Complete Picture

Overall, Planet Eclipse have managed to tackle all the bigger worries that plagued its previous models of the ETEK line, and have produced a better version this time around. The areas of concern were namely: the sound signature, ergonomic design and ability to handle fragile paint.

This time around Planet Eclipse has re-emerged in the market as a top choice in affordable but reliable paintball guns with this brand new addition to the family.


  • A Zick3 Rammer System
  • Internal LPR
  • Cure5 Bolt System
  • Larger Valve Chamber
  • Contoured Dual Density Grip and Console
  • Tool less Bolt, Valve and Rammer Removal
  • 5” Two piece Barrel
  • Infra-Red Break Beam Sensors
  • Lever Operated Clamping Feed
  • Magnetic Trigger Return
  • 16 Bit Microprocessor

In a Nutshell

Quiet and easy on the paint, this model of the ETEK line is by far the better one when compared. An affordable, reliable and extremely air efficient paintball gun, players who are at the beginner level should definitely buy it buy-now-1.

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