Review: Kingman Training Chaser

Kingman Training Chaser

The Kingman training chaser is a well-loved paintball pistol marker model for the simple fact that it’s great for professional players, recreational players, and is very well constructed, in comparison to a few other models from various brands. On top of that, it got the looks to match.

The Peripherals

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The Kingman training chaser is no mere toy. It comes with 300 .43 calibre paintball rounds, KT Goggles and a neck protector, CO2 cartridges, and pistol accessories, if you buy it straight from Kingman.

The Kingman training chaser has an advertised fire, or velocity rate of 200-250 feet per second, with an effective accuracy range of 120 feet. However, you may want to note that although these are the advertised specifications, player experience may vary due to environmental conditions and skill of the user. Also included is an external velocity adjuster, handy when you want to change how fast or slow you want your shots to go.

It has a weight of 1.9lbs, and a high visibility three dot sight system. While this may or may not help depending on your personal preference, it’s a good add-on, plus the rubberised grip is a good plus factor, especially when you’re running around and don’t want it to slip out of your hands.

Light, sturdy, and reliable

The Kingman training Chaser utilises an aluminium and lightweight polymer shell, for a combination of strength and durability from the aluminium without sacrificing the lightweight capabilities everyone wants and needs in a paintball pistol marker.

On top of this, the loading mechanism is excellent for both style and functionality, as it can be loaded and unloaded exactly like a normal handgun or pistol, with the C02 cartridge in a separate compartment from the magazine.

This makes it an excellent training weapon for people or players in law enforcement during firearm safety, or training demonstrations. On top of that, many people who have never played a game of paintball before might find it easy enough to reload, compared to the more traditional paintball markers.

Another plus, if you’re on the receiving end of being shot with the Kingman training chaser is that due to the smaller mass of the .43 calibre paintballs it utilises, it doesn’t hurt as much.

While some people prefer C02 over compressed air, the Kingman training chaser is compatible with both, making it great for cost effectiveness on that end since lots of paintball fields offer free compressed air.

The recoils

Now, here we’re not talking about real recoils, but rather the damage to your wallet and potential damage to your player reputation as a result of not knowing what’s the disadvantages of using a Kingman training chaser.

The Kingman training chaser now retails at their original website for 89.99, and while that’s a good price, do keep in mind that if you play very regularly and intend to use the Kingmann training chaser as your primary loadout during matches you’ll very likely run out of the 100 paintballs included in the set faster than you can say “Geronimo”. So, to add on to that, the warranty for your new product only covers you if you use Kingman paintballs, so you can’t buy cheaper more accessible paintballs for your shiny new marker. On top of that, .43 calibre paintballs aren’t exactly the cheapest to find, since not many other markers utilise them.

Like mentioned earlier, the consistency of fire for the Kingman training chaser is called into question. While the accuracy and how consistent this accuracy can be due to variables such as wind speed, direction, player skill is the most important factor here. So if you can’t shoot well, don’t expect to hit anything further than 60 ft. Keep in mind that this is in optimum conditions, and when fatigued, accuracy will drop a lot faster.

Another issue with the Kingman training chaser buy-now-1 is that if reloaded with some paintballs still left in the clip, the remaining paintballs will fall out of the clip, so make sure to empty the clip or not drop it on the ground.

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