Review: JT Impulse Paintball Marker


This high-end paintball marker looks almost the same as Planet’s Eclipse Ego, but looks aside the performance of the Impulse is at par with other high performing paintball markers.

Shrouded in history, the marker was one of the most commonly used by players in paintball tournaments, as early as the year 2000 and has only been recently updated with new features and an improved design that is aesthetically pleasing.

A poppet valve, stacked tube electronic paintball gun, the Impulse weighs at one pound and fourteen ounces including the battery inserted in it, and its two piece barrel attached to the contraption. With the addition of a Ninja compressed air bottle and light weight hopper, come together to make this beauty a total of 6 pounds in weight and ready to wreak some havoc!

Moreover, the Impulse is incredibly sleep and carved into an aluminum casing, from which lines flow through the paintball gun’s comfortable, contoured and slender grip frame.

Construction and Design

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The gun has been re-designed with a new look, which features a patented balanced valve technology that allows the player to shoot the target with accuracy and smoothly. This makes the Impulse a gun that can compete in all playing levels, and suit all types of players.

Additional benefits to the gun include a 4 way Adjustable Magnetic Trigger that allows the user to set the trigger in any desired setting. The JT impulse marker also features a blue OLED display, which allows you to check the rate of fire and select the appropriate playing mode option that is suitable.


The contoured slim grip of the marker enhances the feel and makes it one of the most comfortable paintball makers available in the market. You can be rest assured that this particular marker will more than meet your expectations, as the Impulse is not only tested but also designed by the professional paintball team XSV.

Features of the JT Impulse

Although the price of this high-end marker is incredibly exorbitant, the added features more than make up for it. The marker is designed in such a way that only the smoothest and most accurate shots can be fired with the help of a LPR balanced valve technology.

Moreover experienced players testify that this gun is comfortable and easy to use, due to its contoured slim grip. A 4 way adjustable magnetic trigger gives the power to alter the trigger’s sensitivity level and a bright, easy to use blue OLED display which helps users quickly view their fire rate and choose different playing modes that are ideal for them. The crystal clear OLED display can be seen even in the harshest sunlight, a feature that most other markers don’t possess.

Performance and Maintenance

The JT Impulse is by far the best marker available in the market, performance wise. It’s incredibly light to handle and one would never guess by looking at it that this paintball marker is also well built and durable.

The incredibly fluid pace with which the gun fire shots is consistent and never falters. The paintball marker shoots off with 12 pods and a hopper with one fill, and has been re-designed keeping the perfect balance; special focus was also given to the valve.

The barrel consists of a basic 14 inch which is appropriately sized for the paintball gun, and many players prefer this one to the many upgrades available because it’s more serviceable, doesn’t rise much, when fired, has a great porting and is incredibly light.

The on/off ASA is fairly simple to use, and feels perfect when the trigger is pressed. There is little to no recoil kickback which puts this paintball market at the top of the ladder.

JT Impulse Specifications

  • LPR and Balanced LPR design
  • OLED screen
  • Break beam eyes
  • 2 piece 14 inches barrel
  • Air cushioned piston
  • 4 way adjustable trigger
  • Contoured, sleek and slim grip design
  • Two piece 14 inches micro hones barrel
  • Tool-less clamping feed neck
  • Upgradable software via mini USB

To Sum it Up

A paintball marker that is very easy to clean and maintain and which is especially known for its name, the JT Impulse buy-now-1 is easy on the eyes, is very reliable and can shoot fantastically. Overall, a great package and at a lesser cost than others of the same caliber! What more is there to say?

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