Review: GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker


1Now introducing a paintball gun, that will allow entry level players to compete and play levelly against the pros. The eNMEy is truly an amazing addition to the market, being the first pneumatic spool valve mechanical gun ever.

Why should be excited about this? Paintball markers featuring spool valves are the most accurate, therefore deadly in its performance and efficiency, and the best part is that this piece by GOG is quite affordable!

A Reliable Choice for Beginners as well as Veterans

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GOG understands that the market for paintball guns and accessories can become quite confusing, and make choosing the right gun a very difficult and over-whelming experience for a lot of people. This is why, the manufacturers in all things paintball stand out as the makers of the most reliable products that appeal to both seasoned veterans of the game, and beginners.

Users will get the exact same with this paintball gun, if not more. While not being quite so fancy, and sporting a standard industry design the eNMEy comes with a heavy-duty pistol, forward grip and a paintball loader on the top. The air tank is situated at the bottom, and unlike other paintball markers of the same price that solely rely on springs, hammers and batteries to work, the eNMEy features a state of the art pneumatic design used to hurl the balls of paint forward.

Design and Construction


Extremely heavy duty, this gun is built to last with the incorporation of heavy plastic in its construction that can hold up its own in almost any game play or scenario. New players won’t have much of a burden carrying the gun around as it’s incredibly light in weight even when the gun is fully loaded. Be wary of smashing the gun on concrete, or dropping it on the floor as the plastic is a little brittle.

Firing and Performance

The gun boasts an anti-chop technology and low bolt pressure feature that enhances its shooting ability. The technology works by returning the bolt to its previous position if the paint ball hasn’t been seated properly by the loader and which drastically improves the possibility of a ball chop.

The accuracy and performance of the gun is all thanks to the high end spool valve which gives a consistent air flow to the trigger whenever it’s pulled. The pressure of the gun can also be easily adjusted to suit tournament and casual players.

Gun Care and Maintenance

Taking care of a gun and its maintenance is very important, and for this you will need to buy a cleaning kit. Cleaning and maintaining the paintball marker isn’t an issue as there are only a few removable parts, which means fewer parts to take apart and clean. The whole procedure will just take 10 seconds of your time after the first few attempts.


  • A truly incredible Mechanical Pneumatic Design: Doesn’t feature a hammer, sear or metal on metal wear points.
  • No batteries required: Just grab the gun and go!
  • Regulated low-pressure operation: A completely stable 160 psi low gas pressure operation perfect for consistent action with little to no kick.
  • CO2 Compatible: Featuring a relief valve that protects the delicate valve components from pressure spikes which form from liquid CO2.
  • Spool Valve Design: A tried, tested and tournament proven system that delivers speed and accuracy both at once.
  • Relatively easy and simple maintenance: Due to the bolt out back system, the valve and bolt can both be removed, inspected, cleaned and reassembled in literally seconds only.
  • Low force Anti-chop feature: The low force of the gun’s bolt allows the mechanism to bounce back from an incorrectly fed paint ball which drastically reduces the chance of chopping in the breech.
  • Composite/Aluminum Components: The machined aluminum made receiver and protective polymer shell of the gun combine to make this paintball marker incredibly light weight and quite durable.

Final Verdict

This paintball marker is recommended to beginners, or those who wish to have a reliable backup option. The reason for this is because the eNMEy buy-now-1 help them learn and practice the basics game with ease. This Of course, if beginners cannot handle such basic equipment, it would be in their best interest to refrain from playing.

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