Review: Dye Proto Rail Paintball Marker


The latest addition from Dye Precision, the Proto Rail is a very good choice for players of entry level and those not playing competitive paintball but still want to make a big name in the field. A lower middle range paintball gun, this choice is sure to score you some points while still being in the affordable bracket.

Although the gun is a bit smaller than the ETEK but it is bigger than Empire’s Invert Mini. That said, the gun comes up to a nice middle ground – which is the ideal size a gun should be of.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Not many do, but Proto is actually a sub-division of Dye Precision, a paintball gear manufacturer of the high end kind. They felt the need that their markers should be available to all, therefore opened up a daughter company which produces paintball markers at an affordable price. The Proto Rail is one such example of a low priced paintball marker, but it still has the quality and technology that they are well known for.

Design and Feel

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The body of the Proto Rail is made up of solid aluminum, and doesn’t feature any composite materials which means that the construction of the gun is fairly straight edged. Equipped with an Ultralite composite frame which slightly follows the Dye’s original style, makes for a very sleek paintball gun.

The gun looks way heavier than it actually is, which a surprise is because the Proto Rail is very light in weight as most of other small paintball guns are. Weighing only about 2 lbs, with the barrel, tank and loader fitted in, you will feel as if you are holding nothing.

Moreover the size and design of the Proto Rail paintball gun allows for a well balanced and easy to handle grip, while being comfortable to boot.


The feature of the most import on the Proto Rail is that of the Hyper 3 regulator that is a must for all Dye and Proto markers. The reason for this is because the feature gives maximum efficiency and performance ability compared to other markers that are of the same price range.

Operating at 155 psi, the air efficiency of this particular paintball marker is decent, ranging its shots up to 1200 from a 68 ci/4500 psi tank.

While many are of the opinion that due to the composite build of the marker, there isn’t any significant difference as compared with an aluminum frame but many others say otherwise.


Being equipped with tournament mode switches and auto fire feature, the Proto Rail can hold its own very easily while for users wanting to practice can easily do so with these features. There is plenty space for finger spraying and you can also adjust the trigger length according to your specifications.


The life of the Proto Rail paintball gun will probably and very easily last for more than 500,000 shots, thanks to the 9 volt battery which gives an addition of more than 40,000 shots. Regular tuning and maintenance of the gun means that you won’t have to replace any parts for years.

Moreover, the upgrade and tool kit are very nice and unexpected additions particularly for such a low end gun.


  • An Eye Pipe System
  • Aluminum Body
  • Dye Hyper 3 Regulator
  • Aluminum Trigger
  • Composite Ultralite Frame
  • LED circuit board
  • A Clamping Feedneck
  • 11” Proto Barrel
  • 4 Tournament Modes
  • Auto Fire Feature


  • A nice two barrel body
  • A light weight, overall
  • Increased comfort and mobility
  • A wide choice of available colors
  • A highly affordable marker with all the great features of a high end one

In a Nutshell

If you are a beginner paintball player or a very experienced one, this paintball gun will not disappointbuy-now-1. Its feel, accuracy and efficiency are everything that you will need to do wonders in the field.

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