Review: Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker


Best known for having years of experience in craftsmanship and introducing markers with intricate designs, Dangerous Power has done it yet again. The manufacturer has brought forth what can be considered as the best paintball marker to have been designed, loaded with awesome features not seen in a marker with such a low price tag.

The all new G5 Paintball Marker is definitely staying ahead of the curve from the rest in the market, with its intricate design and simplified engineering which makes this marker a must have for all paintball players. Even though, the G5 is considered by some to be a mid level marker, yet the performance comes up to the top tier and matches with other high-end paintball markers.

The marker’s critics will argue that the G5 is merely a rebuilt version of previous markers of the same line but there is something about Dangerous Power’s G5 that makes it new and unique!

The Intricate Design Makes of the G5 Makes It Inherently Unique

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The reason for its uniqueness is because this budget friendly paintball marker was made by using the top most quality engineering resources available at the time, which contributed to the marker’s intricate and design. Moreover, the functionality was really given a boost with the implementation of the latest paintball technology and ideas of building a marker that would look, feel and work like a top tier marker, but unlike them will be below their expensive price tag.

Measuring at just about 19.4 inches lengthwise and a little less than 8 inches from top to bottom, the marker weighs at about 1.8 pounds with battery included. This low-profile and extremely paintball marker won’t likely be a burden to players at all.


The Firing Performance of the G5 is Simply Outstanding

The player will be able to rattle off shots at a very impressive rate and accuracy just with a simple change in settings, and a point to barrel ensures sharper shots! In addition to this, the G5 features a micro switch blade trigger which makes pressing the trigger easier. The ‘New Wave’ style trigger is built with dual bearings, the 3 Axis adjustments plane which is trigger sensitive to the touch.

The G5 is Very Easy to Clean and Maintain

Pinched or a very dry o-ring is something that aggravates even the most experienced of players, so keeping this in mind Dangerous Power removed bold o-rings completely from its design of the G5. As a result, the paintball marker is very easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the On/Off ASA with bleed feature makes connecting and removing the HPA tank a very easy and simple task.

In addition, the customer service team of Dangerous Power is ready 24/7 to answer any inquiries or help with problems with the performance of the gun or any other issue through email.

Specification of Dangerous Power’s G5

  • Length: 19.4 in
  • Width: 7.9 in
  • Weight (including battery): 1.8 lbs
  • Operating Pressure: 200 psi

Its Features

  • 13 inches barrel
  • Anti-chop eyes
  • 3 way adjustable trigger made aluminum
  • Clamping feed-neck
  • Hose free design
  • Gas passes through grip hold
  • On/Off ASA feature
  • Subsonic bolt engine
  • Rip tide regulator
  • Low-pressure stinger frame

Some Pros of the Paintball Marker

  • A decent air efficiency
  • Sensitive to touch trigger
  • Features a great design and extraordinary performance for its low price
  • Revolutionary hose less design
  • Marker length and spacing
  • Extremely lightweight, easy to handle and maintain

In a Nutshell

This addition by Dangerous Power has certainly met the lofty expectations associated with any product introduced by the manufacturer, and has created a level of competition with other brands. An excellent marker which comes at a value over $300 at most retailers buy-now-1, the G5 should be the number one choice for paintball players of any level.

The unique features, the performance and feel of the extremely responsive trigger ensure that this paintball marker looks and performs like it belongs in the top tier, without an exorbitant price tag.

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