Review: The Coolest Airsoft Masks Available in the Market


When playing air-soft, there are a number of things that you should think about, including sufficiently protecting yourself from getting injured by the fast whizzing air-soft pellets. To do this, you will need to get good quality protective gear, especially to protect the face.

Following are some of the best and cool looking face masks that are available in the market today.

One Tigris Airsoft Combat Mask

A very cool face mask by One Tigris, users will have no trouble playing air-soft with this addition to their protective gear.

In addition to this, users can wear the mask for other purposes as well; such as masquerading in a Halloween party or taking part in a cos-play.

Salient Features:

  • A highly ergonomic design provides the user comfort and breathing room
  • Cushion pads lined inside the mask protect the fragile parts of the face without hindering visual judgment
  • A patch made of metal mesh effectively prevents outside particles from getting in
  • High power hits can be withstood with the help of high strength glass fiber composite materials

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FMA Full Face Protection Skull Mask

Once again, FMA, a professional masks manufacturer; has wowed the air soft playing community with its amazing and unique products.

This highly user friendly face mask has a design that is also perfect for pairing up with your Halloween costume or when cos-playing.

The full face protection has the capability to withstand the high hit power of rifles and air-soft markers very effectively. It also has an adjustable size, which means this particular mask is ideal for anyone.

Salient Features:

  • Metal wire mesh eyes protector
  • Made from a high strength resin and glass fiber composite material
  • Comfortable cushion pads line the inside of the mask
  • An adjustable and elastic belt strap
  • Allows space inside the mask for easy breathing
  • Idea for any outdoor activity, hunting/military use
  • Perfect for Halloween and cosplays
  • A user friendly design
  • Full face protection

REEBOW GEAR Tactical Face Masks

Manufactured by REEBOW, this full face protection mask is another favorite of air-soft players around the world because of its durability and ability to be used in any setting possible, without looking out of place.

You can use this tactical face mask while playing air-soft with your friends and also pair it off with a Halloween costume very easily.

Salient Features:

    • Is made from a hard ABS material that is environment friendly
    • Has an adjustable elastic strap which means it can be adjust to any face size
    • Offers the best protection possible, the eye area is made of metal mesh and never fogs up during the game
    • Equipped with a cushion padding inside which results in comfortable wearing
    • Weight: 500g

Face Protect Army M02 Skull Warrior Armor Mask

Very high in quality, this particular mask provides the wearer with everything that protective gear should give.

A Terminator styled mask, you can easily use it for outdoor live action events, Halloween parties and as a movie prop etc.

An extra bonus to the mask is that the eyes have a rigid screen material installed that act as a pinhole feature and corrects less than 20/20 eyesight without having to wear corrective glasses.

Salient Features:

      • Full face mask that fits every size
      • Made from shock proof and extremely high strength engineering material
      • The mask is environment friendly, poison free and has no smell

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Tactical Airsoft Game Face Protection Safety Mask

This highly cool and incredibly unique MO4 styled Gas Mask features an extremely innovative design and is an ideal face protection mask for activities other the playing air-soft such as cos-play and Halloween.

Shipped directly from China, you won’t have to take of your glasses when putting the mask on as its shape and size allows sufficient room inside the mask.

Salient Features:

      • Provides a great combination of comfort and protection
      • A built in circulation system
      • Uses 2x AA batteries to run the fan unit
      • Comes in one color; black
      • Made from a combination of ABS, Nylon and TRP
      • Weight: 400g approximately

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