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Calling in pest exterminators every time you suspect a rodent or pest infestation can prove to be an expensive decision. A good alternative is that if you have a steady hand, and some practice at the shooting range; invest in a good quality air pistol, to scare the bothersome pests away.

Disclaimer: The following air pistols are not meant for playing airsoft (check out the best airsoft pistols). The pellets used, are made of metal instead of plastic, which is why they shouldn’t be used against humans or animals.

Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit

An air pistol that is perfect for some shooting action, the Crosman Vigilante 357 is a 10 shot, semi-automatic pistol that features a very unique finger molded grip design and is styled as a revolver.

Compared to other CO2 powered pistols of its caliber, the Vigilante 357 is fairly easy to use and has an almost dead-on accuracy, due to the 6 inch rifle steel barrel. Users can engage in target shooting with the Crosman Vigilante 357 air pistol, with effective results.

The Crosman Vigilante 357 CO2 powered air pistol comes with a pistol holster, as well as 3 packs of magazines absolutely free.

Salient Features:

  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 435 fps
  • CO2 Powered
  • Ammo Type: Metal pellets or BBs
  • Manufacturer: Crosman
  • Shipping weight: 3 pounds

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Crosman Bolt Action CO2-Powered Pistol

Giving the world another great product, the Crosman 2240 Bolt action air pistol will not disappoint users at all. Providing an excellent value for the price, this CO2 powered gizmo can stand its own ground when it comes to accuracy and power, right from the start.

It’s often considered to be the leader among other air pistols of its caliber, when it comes to both, price and performance.

Perhaps the greatest attraction that leads to its immense popularity is the many modification options that are at your fingertips. Due to the modularity of all the products offered by Crosman, the user can combine certain parts from other models to this air pistol.

For instance, when delivered to your doorstep, the air pistol comes with a stock and 7 inch barrel, but you have the option of purchasing a longer barrel or making some modifications to the gas valve and other parts, to make the air pistol better.

Salient Features:

  • The Crosman 2240 is a single shot and bolt action air pistol
  • Caliber: .22
  • Velocity: 460 FPS
  • Mechanism: C02 Powered
  • Is ideal for using against small pests and for target shooting

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Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol

Crosman has come up with yet another inexpensive but very powerful and accurate air pistol that offers much more than what its price suggests.

Featuring a pump action mechanism, this air pistol is economical in the long run, as users won’t have to keep buying C02 cartridges. The pistol also offers numerous options for customization.

Equipped with a long barrel, the pistol doesn’t look like the others in the market, but the result of this difference is an accuracy that ranges as far as 20-30 yards without compromising on power. As mentioned before, the pistol can be equipped with add-ons or upgrades which can help make it, a much more stable, efficient and accurate shooting equipment without adding an exorbitant price to the purchase.

Salient Features:

  • Caliber: .177
  • Pneumatic air pistol with a single bolt action
  • Velocity: Gives off up to 600 FPS
  • Weight: 32 oz
  • Length: 13.625 inch
  • Users can cock and load the air pistol with relative ease

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Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol

A revolutionary force in the manufacturing industry, Benjamin is well known for introducing air guns and pistols that force other manufacturers to step up their game. The Trail NP Break Barrel pistol is no different and has continued the tradition onwards.

Equipped with the exact same Nitro Piston technology that is normally found in the Trail series rifles, this particular contraption features a tactical synthetic frame, a rifled steel barrel, an adjustable rear sight as well as a fiber optic front sight that makes this air pistol into an efficient, accurate and sturdy force to be reckoned with.

As compared to other spring powered air guns, this one produces 70% less noise and also features a smooth cocking and loading operation, which enables users to load and cock between each round much more easily, with less effort and recoil. This pistol is ideal for hunting small game.

Salient Features:

  • Velocity: 625 FPS
  • Features Nitro Piston Technology
  • Includes a smooth cocking and loading operation
  • Is ideal for pest control, hunting small game and target shooting

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