Review: Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker Gun


A paintball gun that comes equipped with top class features and the latest technology that can typically only be found from top of the line paintball markers, the Azodin Kaos has made quite a name in the market. This semi-automatic marker can be easily used by all players, even though the target demographic is largely based on entry level and beginners.

Design and Construction

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The structure of this blowback mechanical marker comprises of a 12 inch single piece barrel, a gas thru fore grip and an aluminum grip frame and body mounted with a direct screw and dovetail. The gun operates on either HPA or CO2, otherwise known as compressed air.

The other features of the Kaos include a top cocking pull pin, double ball detents, an auto cocker threaded barrel, a low rise twist lock feed neck, a self lubricated delrin bolt and non-slip grip panels.


Pros of the Azodin Kaos:

  • Incredibly accurate and reliable
  • A high performing semi-automatic marker
  • At a very reasonable cost
  • Light-weight
  • Low recoil and soft trigger

Features of the Azodin Kaos:

  • Full Delrin Bolt with Quick Release Pull Pin

The bolt on this paintball marker is made of an incredibly strong plastic composite that is also very light in weight and can be very easily removed by pulling the pin. This further helps in disassembling and cleaning the marker very easy.

  • Double barreled trigger

The trigger on the Azodin Kaos is quite nice and light weight that makes it easier to handle. Shots can be fired in quick succession due to the trigger even though the paintball marker is a mechanical one.

  • Light Weight Striker

A good thing about Azodin made paintball guns is that their striker is almost 30% lighter than other blowback markers; this reduces the movement of internal components when the gun is fired. This is why the Kaos is a good buy for entry level players.

  • Low Rise Twist Lock Feedneck

The model featured a twist lock feed-neck, with other options that you can choose from namely the clamping styled feed-necks and the stock feed-neck. The low rise feed-neck helps keep the loader attached and reduces the profile of your paintball marker as the hopper is attached close to the breach.

  • 12 Inch Auto-cocker Threaded Stock barrel

The stock barrel is pretty to look at and accurate performance wise, however a lot of upgrades are available for the barrel mostly made just like in other standard industry paintball markers.

  • Intimidator Detents

The paintball gun comes equipped with high quality dual intimidator ball detents, whose purpose is to keep the paint ball from rolling out of the breach.

  • Rubber Grip-frame Panels

The entire purpose of this feature is to make it easier for players to hold the gun while running around during a game.


The performance of Kaos is often compared with high performing and top of the line paintball markers manufactured by Spyder and Tippmann. Featuring a quick action trigger with a consistent pull, the hoppers works by gravity feeding and propels balls to about 9 bps and 15 fps.

Compared to other mechanical markers, it’s one of the best in regards to shooting from a distance with pinpoint accuracy, a feature that cannot be found with other markers of the same price range. You’ll be able to hit a target 50 plus feet away from you, dead center with very little trouble.

Adjustments & Maintenance

Fairly easy to clean and maintain, the paintball marker is constructed with delrin which is a light but undeniably a very strong plastic composite. The bolt is very easy to remove as well, and the velocity of the marker can be adjusted to suit using the help of an Allen wrench.

All you will need to do in case of a ball break is to follow a single maintenance step, which will cause the bolt to slide completely out of the marker’s back. Re-inserting the bolt is very easy too and can be done within seconds. To sum it all up, the Azodin Kaos buy-now-1 has surprised players as an increasingly durable and reliable low priced marker.

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