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There is literally nothing worse while playing paintball than having a gun that leaks, jams or suddenly breaks down. This puts a huge damper to your spirits when faulty equipment problems force you to leave the field and fixing your paintball marker. It is therefore, very important to buy a paintball marker that not only looks good but operates well.

If you are looking for the perfect paintball rifle, you have come to the right place because following are three of the best paintball sniper rifles that not only make you look good but also perform better than your expectations!


This high end paintball sniper rifle by Tippmann has everything in it that a player could want; combining accuracy and durability paired with the latest technology, which sets the bar pretty high for other markers of the same caliber.

Salient Features: Introducing a gun which has a 16 inch barrel, red dot and adjustable stock; this sniper rifle will make the job of eliminating opponents very easy. An incredibly great choice for every level of paintball game, the A-5 is all about speed and high accuracy.

It is equipped with a patented cyclone feed system that has a direct link with the mechanism through a feeder sprocket, which in turn gives power to the gun to hurl quite a number of balls with a maximum rate of 17 balls per second.

This paintball marker is also highly versatile, with the frame’s re-assembling capability of just 60 seconds without any tools. The A-5 is also the toughest and most durable markers available, as the gun is made from an all aluminum die-cast receiver and sturdy black finish. Compatible with CO2, nitrogen and compressed air, the Tippmann A-5 Sniper Rifle can be further customized to perform even better.


A classic looking beauty, the Tippmann 98 still has a semblance of modern performance and accuracy which makes this paintball marker a weapon worthy of any battle. You can either use the gun as it is, or equip it with some really reliable and out of the world upgrades that will surely bring your game up a notch.

Salient Features: What do you get when pairing a Tippmann 98 Custom platinum with a Custom Products 20 inch Tactical Barrel to it? A deadly force to be reckoned with; the finish and porting of the CP gives a far more superior accuracy and sound dampening feature.

Due to the longer length, the barrel tip can be slipped through the thickest of brush and branches which will ensure that you can now shoot while remaining hidden! In addition to that, a 6 position collapsible stock guarantees a steady platform for shooting while the Core Dead-box Sight feature provides a nocr, red dot to further pinpoint your opponent’s position.


Do you want every shot that you take to count? Of course you do, which is why the paintball gun that you should get is this Project Salvo sniper rifle!

Salient Features: Attached to the marker is a 20 inches Tactical Sniper Barrel with which players can achieve increased accuracy, a quieter shooting effect, and which also gives the extra advantage of being able to slide the length in between brush, tall grass and bunker gaps for taking those sneaky shots.

Additionally, a sling is also included in the package which can give you the opportunity to climb obstacles and surprise your opponents.

The ability to eliminate in one shot, the full package includes a US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker with 20 inches of the Tactical Sniper Barrel with a Red Dot Sight, a collapsible and folding stock gas line made of stain less steel, and a high in performance in-line bolt system. The tools pack includes an Allen wrench set, cleaning cable, a spare tank o ring, lubricant and an approved barrel sleeve.

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